December 22nd – Books and stufff

This questions have turned up on several Norwegian blogs lately, among them Migrating Coconuts, Bokdama, Les mye and Julies bokbabbel. Here is an English version of the questions with my answers.

Sparkling Christmas Tree by under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

1. Which book do you want for christmas?
I’m in the weird situation that there aren’t that many books I want right now. It might have something to do with the piles of unread books waiting on the bookshelves. In spite of this I constantly find myself buying new books for my Kindle and feel that the best book gift just now would be a gift certificate on That would protect my credit card from some of the damage like the pre-order of Doomsday book a few minutes ago – I’ve been waiting for the kindle edition of this book since I got my Kindle, and the likely ordering of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe that will soon take place. Oh, by the way, I want The Eyre Affair and the rest of Jasper Fforde’s books about Thursday Next (The Eyre Affair is available on Kindle, but not for me here in Norway…I can’t express how idiotic I find this!)

2) If you could give a book to a well known person, who would you choose and which book?
I would have given Ulovlig Norsk (Illegally Norwegian) by Maria Amelie to every Norwegian politician. They need to read it.

3) Mention a book you plan to give away for christmas.
There are three books on my give-away-list this years. Syren, no.5 in the series about Septimus Heap by Angie Sage (Norwegian version) and Lasarusfenomenet by Kjetil Johnsen. The third I won’t mention as I suspect the person getting it of reading this blog now and then.

4) Do you have any christmas traditions that you follow every year?
I have to bake the cakes called chessboards in Norway, it’s really the only christmas cookies I must have. I also don’t want any christmas decorations before December 20th or so, that way I can enjoy it all to around January 13th without getting sick of it. Lots of christmas music is also important.

5) What kind of christmas dinners do you eatl?
Lutefisk and/or pinnekjøt (Western Norwegian specialitites) on christmas night (the main time here in Norway), and the same or elk steak on christmas day and boxing day.

6) What do you want for christmas in addition to the book(s) already mentioned?
We want a good food processor, but don’t feel that the chances are any good this year. A Nespresso coffee machine would also be nice, but that doesn’t come on the serious wish list until we move to somewhere with a bigger kitchen. We also need some duvet covers and pillow cases for the bed. I also want a new camera (the old one has had too many falls and now the battery won’t stay in place), new red shoes with heels that aren’t too tall (I saw some early in December but didn’t buy them. Darn. All that’s left in the shops now are the one with 5 inch heels, and I can’t walk in those), hiking shoes, a nice rainbow necklace, dvd with different tv-series like Doctor Who and Babylon 5, and knitted socks. Peace on earth would have been nice too, and I’d gladly give up all my christmas gifts for that.

How about you?

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