December 2nd – It gets better

I never got bullied for being a lesbian when I was young, or for anything else for that matter. I was lucky.

Still, it wasn’t easy coming out to family and friends as a lesbian. I worried a lot about what their reactions might be, as it turned out I worried a lot more than I had any reason to. Again, I consider myself lucky.

Sadly, some young LGBT people aren’t this lucky. Some get bullied for being gay (wheter they are or not) and for some things get so bad that they choose to take their own lives. The It gets better project was started to show LGBT youth what their lives can be like if they hang in there for a while longer, what it can become if they give their life a chance.

It does get better. If you are lucky your family and friends will still love and support you, and if they let you down there is a whole community out there of both LGBT-people and straight people who will be there for you. Give yourself the time to find those worthy of your love… those worthy of your company at christmas.

There are lots of videos on the website, from members of the LGBT-community and from heterosexuals. I find them very moving and right: It gets better.

This is the video that got everything rolling:

And here is one from LGBT-employees at Facebook:

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