Heiresses of Russ 2012

I like reading short stories and I appreciate reading lesbian themed stories now and then. Combining both these with my love for science fiction and fantasy seemed like a good idea.

Our worthy mission was to highlight the breadth and quality of lesbian speculative fiction published during the past year, but our even higher purpose has been to provide a book that any readers with a taste for quality science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all their permutations will enjoy.
—from the Introduction by Lambda Literary Award-winning co-editor Connie Wilkins

It was a good idea.

Like in any other short story collection I loved some stories and didn’t care much for a few. The book has a good mix of fantasy, science fiction and horror. I’m no fan of horror but very much one of science fiction, so I would have liked more space ships (there weren’t any…).

My favorite stories were Feedback (good cyberpunk), D is for Delicious (witches) and Ours is the Prettiest (fantasy, but absolutely no swords). The one story I really disliked and didn’t finish was The Carrion Gods in Their Heavens, way to gory for me.

A good read for anyone who likes short stories, speculative fiction and though, smart, etc. women.

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