My reading ambitions 2013 – Results

I had several reading ambitions for 2013 and now the results are in. This was not a great reading year, but could have been even worse. The full list is on GoodReads.

  1. I’ll read at least 52 books in 2013. This include graphic novels, short story collections and non-fiction books.
    I managed exactly 52. The Luminaries took me forever and is partly to blame for the bad result.
  2. I’ll read at least 52 short stories (novellas, novelettes, short stories) in 2013.
    I only managed 30 this year, but I’ll try 52 again in 2014.
  3. I’ll read at least one book from each continent and at least one set in another world, another planet or in space.
    I managed this, but was one short from Oceania after I joined the two-per-continent challenge.
  4. I’ll read the winners (novels) of the following awards:
    The Man Booker Prize (shortlist are presented in early September, winner announced mid-late October) – The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. Read it, very good, but took forever.
    The Lambda Literary Awards – SF/Fantasy/Horror (Green Thumb, Tom Cardamone) and Lesbian Fiction (The World We Found: A Novel, Thrity Umrigar). Maybe Lesbian Mystery (Ill Will, J.M. Redmann) too, we’ll see. – Didn’t get around to any of them.
    The Spectrum Awards (usually announced in November) – Still don’t know who won.
    The Hugo Awards (presented at WorldCon, Aug.29th.-Sept.2nd. 2013) – Redshirts : a novel with three codas by John Scalzi. Read it sometime last year. Good fun.
    The Nebula Awards2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson – Haven’t read it yet, don’t think I ever will.
  5. I’ll read at least 3 non-fiction books.
    I read 2.
  6. I’ll try not to let Mount-TBR grow any bigger than it already is.
    This one is a total bust. Sigh!
  7. I’ll blog about the books I consider worth it.
    I’ve sort of done that. I think there’s a few missing. 

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