Sunday stills – Brown

I was at loss about this challenge for a while. But then I really started seeing brown all over the place. So, today I have everything from icky to delicious. Visit Sunday stills to see links to other brown pictures.

We start with icky. The spanish slug is fairly new in Norway. Some of them came in with shipments of plants a few decades ago, and they love it here. We don’t love them much as they are a lot more greedy than the black european slug that is native to our part of the world. This one was pretty big and seemed to live a nice life.

Spanish slugWe have snails too. This one is hiding in its shell while hanging on a wall. It has a really good looking brown shell.

Snail in shellWe are staying in the animal kingdom. This fly, or whatever it is, was sitting on the other side of a window from me (the reason there’s lots of dirt visible on the picture), but it still looks good.

FlyAnd now, for the delicious. I made chocolate chip cookies a few days ago. Just the way we like them around here. That means with as much chocolate as the recipe calls for and 2 cups of chopped walnuts instead of just 1.

Chocolate chip cookiesAnd with cookies, you need coffee. In this case a cup of café au lait with cinnamon.

Café au lait with cinnamon


Sunday stills – Brown — 9 Comments

  1. Excellent shots, I have to admit I find the slug really interesting, great macro shot..:-)

  2. Jag hatar mördarsniglar! Dagens skörd på 10 meter väg: 48! Kan inte odla annat än potatis och dom är sååå äckliga!
    Men du har fina bilder på din blogg!

    • Ja, dei er ekle. Ante ikkje at dei vart kalt for “mördarsniglar” i Sverige. Interessant.
      Glad for at du likar bilda. 🙂