Saturday snapshot – June 9th. – At Tjorehagen

This week’s pictures are from our trip to Tjorehagen at Radøy 2 weeks ago. Olav Tjore was a keen gardener, and the garden he built now contains around 300 different kinds of rhododendron, lots of other plants, three dams that he dug out and a stone bridge. It’s a really nice place to visit in May-June. We were an all female company with us, four of our nieces, our mothers, my sister w/mother in law and my sister in law w/ mother. Oh, not quite all female, the two dogs are both males. 🙂

Maya (my sister in law) and I brought our cameras and macro lenses and were mostly found bent over with our lenses stuck into some flower. The kids at some point informed us that we looked rather silly, and I suspect that they are right.

One of the dams that Olav Tjore dug out. And a few plants of course. TjorehagenAn elegant flower. I’ve no idea what it is, but it was beautiful.

Elegance at TjorehagenOne of the fun things with doing macro fotography is all the things you get to see when you look through your pictures. I’ve never seen the wings of a fly like this before. Very pretty.

Fly on yellowWe found poppies too. I love how elegant they are.

Elegant poppyI have conflicting feelings about this next one. I like the picture, but at the same time I have this feeling that it’s the kind of picture you usually find on a card, accompanied by some kind of wise or soppy poem. The kind of cards I detest. Oh, well.

Orange flowerRhododendrons comes in lots of different colors. This one was a delicate yellow.

Yellow rhododendron centerI don’t know much about butterflies, but a little research taught me that this one is called Rapssommerfugl in Norwegian, Green-veined White in English and Pieris napi in Latin.

Green-veined white butterfly on white rhododendronAnd, finally, a picture of Kristin and her mother, Berit, at Tjorehagen.

Kristin and her mother Berit.

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Saturday snapshot – June 9th. – At Tjorehagen — 28 Comments

  1. Those close-ups are amazing! Especially the white butterfly – it looks like a petal from the flower it’s sitting on.

  2. You pictures are so beautiful. Whereabouts in Norway is Tjorehagen? My grandmother came from Kragero, but I’ve never been to Norway. Perhaps I’ll get there one day.

    • I hope you will.
      Tjorehagen is at an island (don’t worry, there’s a bridge) called Radøy just north of Bergen.
      Kragerø, and the other towns on the south coast, are very nice.

  3. Hi Eva,

    We have a very well known gardens, just up the road from where we live and during May and June, the place is always packed with people wanting to view the beautiful rhododrendrons and azaleas, although there are so many trees and shrubs that the place is glorious all year round.

    Unfortunately, for the past week, we have endured some very unseasonal rain, gale force winds and cold conditions, so unfortunately this years display came to a very dramatic early finish.

    Your pictures are lovely, could your anonymous pink flower be a variety of magnolia?


    • Oh, those English gardens. Stourhead looks great.

      Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right about it being a kind of magnolia.

  4. I hope those two male dogs appreciated the natural beauty that surrounded them! The white flower and butterfly is a stunning photo!


  5. Such wonderful photos! Thank you! You inspire me to explore the macro feature on my digital cam! The gardens are beautiful and the inhabitants even more !

  6. That butterfly photo is exquisite – my absolute favorite of the set here! I love the white on white!

    Close-up photos are my favorites. 🙂

  7. What beautiful, crisp shots.

    I could get lost in a garden like that for days, and days, and days!

  8. My first time to see a white butterfly. I have a friend who grows rhododendron and who has 300 or more kinds also in his garden. Rhododendrons are colorful flowers and can come as big trees.

    Very nice photos.