17th May

Norwegian flags by ArnyboToday is Norway’s Constitution Day. Today Norwegians all over the world celebrate that we’ve had our constitution for 198 years, making it one of the older constitutions in the world. We celebrate that we are lucky enough to live in (or come from) a country that offers a good life for the vast majority of it’s inhabitants. It’s not a perfect country, an entity I don’t think exist, but for most of us living here we do have all the protection our laws and the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights have to offer.

One of the things I can do, because I’m a woman living where and when I do, is to marry the woman I love. In most other countries, and at almost any time in the past, I wouln’t have been able to do that. So, for me it’s important to recognize that most gay people in the world live in an environment that is hostile to them, and in many cases in countries where it’s downright dangerous for them to be honest about who they are. On May 17th Norwegians celebrate our constitution, but it’s also The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, please support their (and my) cause wherever you are.


17th May — 2 Comments

  1. Håper du hadde en fin 17. mai feiring!

    Godt innlegg til ettertanke,
    for som du sier er landet vårt kanskje ikke helt perfekt, men det at vi kan gifte oss med hvem vi vil er en rett alle burde hatt.