Booking through Thursday – More!

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme in which we answer a question about books or reading.

This week it’s about sequels:

Which non-series book would you most like to read the sequel to? Do you have any wishes for what might happen in it?

Can’t think of any. To be honest I get more upset when a supposedly stand-alone book starts sprouting sequels I never wanted. It’s fine when it’s planned as a series or trilogy, but when an author/publisher starts milking a success by suddenly making it into a series, that’s when they loose me as a reader.

Sorry, but that’s how I roll.


Booking through Thursday – More! — 7 Comments

  1. For me, if the sequel is just as good or better, it’s a good thing, but if not, it’s very disappointing!

  2. I guess I am rolling around with you. I like a good stand alone book. I will read a series if it is only 3 or 4 book series. But more than that and I move on to something else.

    Thanks for the visit today.

  3. I quite agree with you. Some books are meant to be stand-alone books. And some books will also left you hanging and you really want to know what could’ve happened next. But sequels for the sake of a sequel and money returns are just books done in bad taste. It should be that the story should be planned if it is going to span several books.

    Thanks for stopping by. ^_^