2012 Short Story Challenge

Last year I read 58 short stories and was quite pleased with that. Pleased enough to decide that I was going to read at least 52 short stories this year too. To help me on my way I’ve entered a short story challenge at the blog Dead Book Darling.

If you want some encouragement in reading more short stories I urge you to sign up too. The challenge requirement is to read at least 12 short stories in 2012. That should be easy 🙂


2012 Short Story Challenge — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, 52 short stories! That is a seriously impressive number – I’m hoping to get about 40 or so read… Thanks for joining and best of luck!

    • 40 is good too.
      I did 58 last year. Typically they come in spurs, so I might read 10 in a few days and then none for several weeks. On average it’s just one a week, so I should be able to accomplish it again 🙂