About ‘Mammaen og havet’

The title means (loosely) ‘Mom and the sea’. The author (me) is the mother of two children, one with special needs (Look under the category ‘autisme og bokstavbarn‘). Some of my blogposts are posted in English, look for the ‘English’-category in the left sidebar (and if you’d like a look, leave Google Translate. It translates to English even my English posts, but not for the better, I’d claim. It leaves me rather stupid-looking 😉 )

‘The sea’ is my core theme. I have lived by, played in, fished in, rowed on, swam in, studied, dived in, thought about and dreamt of the sea all my life. I feel the waves, the colours and even more, the creatures down my spine. The ocean is everything, it’s where we all came from.

The title, ‘Mammaen og havet’ is meant to honour one of the most beautiful and wisest books I know, ‘Moominpapa at sea’. If anyone wonder’s, I’m no moominmama. Truth be told, I  am more of a moominpapa. And did I ever read ‘The old man and the sea’? Of course, but I much prefer ‘The sun also rises’.

‘Mammaen og havet’ is my own little breathing hole. I may pour out frustration over daily life, politics and recent events, but most of all, I wish for the blog to be somewhere for me to catch my breath, be allowed to think about something besides daily worries. Time to myself. ‘A room of one’s own’. Unfortunately, the blog is no ‘Room of requirement‘, it’s hard to glean enough time to write something that requires reflection. After I publish a post, it may take forever before I get around to answering comments, but I allways read them.

When I created this blog, I hid it well, you couldn’t even google your way to  ‘Mammaen og havet’. I wanted to get personal, switch between strong opinions, posts on film and literaturen and pictures of my wonderful kids, to a narrow circle of family and friends. Since then, I’ve become less shy and more visible, but ‘Mammaen og havet ‘ still targets a pretty narrow niche of readers that take an interest in the topics I cover. If you happen to be one, feel free to leave a comment!

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