Ceiling wax

Wax. Seal. Photo: JP7, Creative Commons licence
Wax. Seal. Photo: JP7, Creative Commons licence

Some time in fifth grade, I signed up for a guitar lessons and along with (some of the) mysteries of the guitar, I was introduced to a new world of  songs & ballads. Some in Norwegian, quite a few in Swedish, the odd ones out in Japanese, Finnish and Icelandic, and, of course, most in English. Having spent just one year dealing with this difficult language, the meaning of the lyrics grew slowly on me. The lyrics were full of words and concepts I, with limited knowledge and experience, was unable to figure out. I would guess, to make the most sense of it that I possibly could. And often, my guesses would be far off the mark.

Still, the lyrics (mostly) stuck, and I’ve had moments of revelation ever since, when the true meaning of this and that lyric would finally dawn on me. You’d think I’d have figured it all out by now, but no, my brain is still being upgraded. Remember that Magic Dragon? Puff? Well, Jackie Paper kept bringing him weird stuff anyway, and ever since fifth grade, I’ve had moments wondering what on earth ceiling wax could be. Would Jackie Paper’s parents regularly wax their ceiling? To keep water out, or just for the shiny looks? For conservation? In Norway we’d wax floors, but ceilings?

Turns out I’ve had it wrong all those years. Sealing wax. I’m a tad dissapointed.

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