Slow is the new black…

‘Slow is the new fast’, was a slogan that appeared after Norwegians more or less collectively sat down to watch Hurtigruten slowly cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes, a voyage taking five days. The Norwegian broadcasting company NRK allocated one channel to nonstop transmission, while also streaming the thing.

But I don’t want a ‘new fast’. I just want ‘slow’. Especially today, when summer clouds hang so low they practically graze my shoulders, and my head seems lost in fog. Maybe ‘slow’ could be the ‘new black’, something you could wear with anything. Here’s a lady wearing ‘slow’ with a banjo, an instrument that seems to be designed for ‘fast’, if anything ever was. She’s Cheyenne Marie Mize, from Louisville, Kentucky:

Whimsical, haunting, dreamlike folk that’s dynamic and eschews the traditional folk formulae, her debut, Before Lately, is an amalgamation of contradictions – rugged and gentle, innocent and forlorn, spacious and intimate, desolate and uplifting. Guitar, piano, bells, occasional percussion, and honey-tinged vocals make up this simple, immaculate collection of vintage torch ballads, engrossed in twinkling bucolic imagery that showcases a soul twice her age.

Passa perfekt for meg i dag!

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