Steam-goth or Goth-punk?

GeekMom is apparently having a Steampunk week, and offered a goth vs steampunk test. I would have placed myself firmly as steam-punk, given my science background. Also, I completely adored last years short movie, The Lost thing.  But I’ve also admitted before that I went though a phase as a borderline closet goth, and also love Tim Burtons movies. So where does that leave me?

It’s allmost a tie. I love grey & black, would read (have read) poetry by the ocean, think love is ‘romance or despair’, and that music  is as necessary as air. I also have no trouble with heavily kayaled men. On the other hand, if faced with a problem, I use my brain. I think science and technology is our best bet for solving the planets problems, and though the accessories I WEAR are jewelry, I carry more accessories in my handbag than around my neck, moominmama style. I try not to think about death. So it’s down to alcohol. Beer or wine? Well, alcohol is something I save for preserving samples. After all, thats more of a steam-punk spirit,  right?

Other than that, other entries this week have taught me that I am a also a ‘tea-punk’. Allthough ‘steam-tea’ sounds like a more logical term?

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